Marco Mina

Marco Mina

Research fellow

Eurac Research

I am a forest ecologist interested in how to better manage our forests in a future characterized by global changes.

My work aims at studying the dynamics of forest ecosystems to anticipate the potential impacts of climate, disturbance and socio-economic changes. I use simulation models of forest dynamics to explore interactions of trees with their changing environment and forest management strategies to enhance long-term resistance and resilience at multiple scales - from stand to landscape. I am passionate in dendrology, geography, silviculture, tree-ring research, forest inventory and the ecology of mixed forests. And I love mountains, cross-country skiing and home brewing.

I am based in Bolzano/Bozen in the province of South Tyrol, Italy, at the Institute of Alpine Environment at Eurac Research. See the REINFORCE project webpage to know more.


  • Forest dynamic modelling
  • Impacts of climate change and disturbances on forest ecosystems
  • Management, silviculture and ecosystem services provision from temperate forests


  • Ph.D. in Forest Ecology, 2015

    ETH Zurich, Switzerland

  • MSc in Forestry and Environmental Science, 2010

    University of Padua, Italy



Research fellow

Eurac Research

Jun 2021 – Present Bolzano/Bozen, Italy
Figuring out how to better manage Alpine forest landscapes under global environmental changes

Postdoctoral research fellow

Université du Quebéc à Montréal UQAM

Apr 2018 – May 2021 Montreal, Canada
Figuring out how to make fragmented forest landscapes more resilient to global change


Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL

Apr 2016 – Dec 2017 Birmensdorf, Switzerland
Figuring out species mixing effects and their variability across environmental gradients

PhD Student

ETH Zurich

Apr 2012 – Dec 2015 Zurich, Switzerland
Figuring out how to model and evaluate management strategies for a multiple provision of ecosystem services in European mountain forests

Research Intern

Paul Scherrer Institute PSI

Mar 2011 – Mar 2012 Villigen, Switzerland
Figuring out how to provide cleaner burning fuels through optimization of forestry practices

Technical Assistant

Paulownia Italia s.r.l.

Feb 2007 – Feb 2009 Italy
Helping out in a forestry consultancy company, from tree plantation planning to events’ organization



Biodiversity and Forest Management


Resilient Alpine forest landscapes to global changes


Resilience-based forest management with network theory


Species Mixture Effects on Tree Growth in Swiss forests


Advanced multifunctional management of European mountain forests

Handbook Biodiversity Monitoring South Tyrol

On initiative of the government of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano-Südtirol (Province Bolzano-Südtirol, Region Trentino-Alto Adige, …
Handbook Biodiversity Monitoring South Tyrol

Blog Posts and Media

I occasionally publish posts in Forest Monitor and in the EFI Resilience Blog

Talks, seminars and conferences

See my CV for contributions prior 2016

Foreste e settore forestale in Italia e in Alto Adige - Status, problematiche, gestione
Models for sustainable forest management
Forest modelling for sustainable management
Spatio temporal scales of resilience – from trees to landscapes and climatic change
Models for sustainable forest management


  • Viale Druso 1 / Drususallee 1, Bolzano/Bozen, 39100
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